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Friday, August 26, 2011

Welcome New Students!!

Hi Everyone!! Are you all ready to become Red Balloons??  I am so excited to begin classes with you all!  I know that we will have a wonderful time as we sing, dance, play and learn music!  Remember how much fun we had together in sample classes?  I just can't wait to continue that fun!

Your Mom's and Dad's are going to be your music helpers as we get going.  They are the best people to help you practice while they are at home.  They even get to come to class with you once in a while!! How neat is that?!  I'm sure that we will all learn to work with each other.  Do you think we can do that?

You can get ready for our first day of class by listening to your Red Balloons CD.  There are some really fun songs to sing along to!!  You might even remember a few from our Sample Class.

I hope you are all ready for our first day of class.  You will need to bring your Tote Bag with all of your materials: Tone Bells, CD, Flash Cards, and Theory Book.  Make sure you check that you have everything with your Mom's or Dad's and I'll see you there!

Cherrio, with a Mi Re Do!!
Miss Jessica